Introduction to SAPLIMOGES

The association « Société d’astronomie populaire de Limoges (Saplimoges) » aims to gather amateur astronomers from the Limousin region. The Saplimoges will provide you with relevant scientific information as well as technical support. This will allow you to share your experience, and therefore get a better practise of your passion.

For this purpose, Saplimoges sets up guided night observations, as well as workshops about camera shooting and digital image processing. Coached by the association, beginners will have the opportunity to dramatically improve their knowledge ant get familiar with various astronomical equipment. On a regular basis, Saplimoges offers presentations about technical topics. Three times a year the association hosts conferences, driven by outstanding speakers.

Saplimoges also plays a major part in public education, by organising open astronomical observations, promoted by media, mainly in summertime, or on great occasions such as : eclipses, comets, etc…

From an educational point of view, going from college to university, the association initiates the youngest to the scientific culture and assists students with their practical tutorials related to astronomy.


Saplimoges is located 12, rue des Carriers à Limoges, on the ground floor of Ecole du Pont Neuf. It provides a bright and pleasant room opened to the public on Saturdays from 3 to 5pm.

  • Dedicated amateur astronomers will be pleased to answer your questions.
  • A large library well supplied with books, periodicals and appropriate technical documentation, is at your disposal, as well as 2 PC with high speed internet connexion, and specialised astronomical software (Iris, Stellarium, Guide, etc…).
  • A meeting room is dedicated for workshops.

On Saturdays : Saplimoges is pleased to welcome you at 3 p.m.